Corporate Courses

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What are our corporate courses?

Imagine, getting a pair of rubber boots and walking in amazing places. Stepping out of the comfort zone, going different places in the wilderness and testing our leadership skills through navigation, group dynamics, decision making and difficult terrain. We offer programs for many companies, providing different tools for every participant to excel in their leadership skills. Throughout the trip we constantly step out of our comfort zone, enhancing learning opportunities for everyone in the trip and then connecting it through theory and elaborating contracts (personal and professional growth) for every member of the expedition.

We have programs all throughout Ecuador, ranging from sea kayaking in the Galapagos Islands and talking about natural history in the islands to developing an expedition in the Andes. We have strategic bases located around the country to help our logistics for every type of course.  We can adapt our course types to what the client wants from their employees.

Some of our clients