All photography provided by Kingue Instructors

Choose your adventure, immerse yourself in the Ecuadorian wilderness, from paddling in the heart of the Amazon to standing on top of one of the highest active volcanoes in the world


kayak sea tour ecuador


Paddle, navigate, read the ocean or a river learn all the necessary skills to grab a kayak or a raft and explore the water.

andes volcano mountaineering hiking


Eighteenth century German explorer Alexander Von Humboldt once declared, "Ecuadorians are strange and unique beings, they sleep peacefully amid smoking volcanoes." You will have the opportunity to safely climb those smoking volcanoes while learning all the necessary skills.

bikepacking ecuador tour


Grab a bike, your tent and pedal through remote Andean communities. Bike through different climates and ecosystems, learning everything about the environment.

rock climbing ecuador adventure


Andean volcanic rock, different pitches and different routes for you to learn all the skills necessary to go back home and climb those rocks in your backyard!

backpacking hiking tourism


Hike through the Andes, hop on the Inca road and travel back in time, picturing big Inca armies crossing the “paramos” of Ecuador. Spot condors, spectacled bears and mountain tapirs!