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Crampons, ice axes and all the cool tools you have seen people using in movies are now within your reach. In fact, you will carry them on your shoulders and use them in the Ecuadorian snowcapped volcanoes! Climb to the closest place to the sun and the farthest from the planet’s core, the only glaciers at latitude 0 or one of the highest active volcanoes in the world.

We will meet at the airport and drive down to our headquarters for an introduction, getting to know each other, and packing our bags to leave for our expedition in the central Andes of Ecuador. We will dry our own beef jerky, fruits and vegetables to take on the expedition and (depending on the route your instructors choose) we will either start walking from the front entrance of the headquarters or take a short bus ride to the starting location.

We will walk and explore as we make the approach, get re-supplied as necessary, and after the climb is completed we will walk to the pick-up location. During the expedition, we will learn about glacier traverse, peak ascent, crevasse rescues and snow camping. Once back at our headquarters, we will clean all the gear and have a graduation ceremony with typical Ecuadorian ““fritada” (deep fried pork treat), combined with quinoa soup, llapingachos (potato and cheese patties), andean corn, fava and hominy beans, salad and fresh fruit juice.


Course Features

  • Duration: 10 - 15 days (click here for a personalized course)

  • Maximum group size: 12 students (3 instructors)

  • Minimum group size: 4 students (2 instructors)

  • Minimum age: 15

  • Terrain: Highland vegetation (tundra), glaciers, moraines, glacier valleys, off-trail travel.

  • Previous experience required: None