backpacking hike ecuador trail

Grab a pack, your trekking poles, and a map of the Ecuadorian Andes. Walk through ancient glacial valleys and old Inca road systems. All the expedition preparation will take place at our headquarters, including dehydrating our own fruits, veggies and beef jerky. We will depart from our headquarters and arrive after a short drive at the trailhead to begin our expedition. We will travel through a variety of terrains and ecosystems, exploring the mountains, getting re-supplied and climbing some non-technical peaks throughout our hike. During the expedition, we will learn about campsite selection, gourmet backcountry cooking, 3rd and 4th class terrain, natural history of Ecuador and some of the best ancient local legends of how the Ecuadorian mountains were created. Once back at our headquarters, we will clean all the gear and have a graduation ceremony with typical Ecuadorian ““fritada” (deep fried pork treat), combined with quinoa soup, llapingachos (potato and cheese patties), andean corn, fava and hominy beans, salad and fresh fruit juice.  

Course Features

  • Duration: 10 - 15 days (click here for a personalized course)

  • Maximum group size: 12 students (3 instructors)

  • Minimum group size: 4 students (2 instructors)

  • Minimum age: 15

  • Terrain: Highland vegetation (tundra), glaciers, moraines, glacial valleys, off-trail travel.

  • Previous experience required: None