Sea Kayaking, Rafting & packrafting

Kayak in galapagos and rafting in amazon

Taking a kayak, a raft or a packraft, packing the essentials and just gliding through the water; there's no other feeling like it. It’s a great way to spot wildlife, explore coves and run rivers, and connect with local communities living on the shorelines. Once back at our headquarters, we will clean all the gear and have a graduation ceremony with typical Ecuadorian “fritada” (deep fried pork treat), combined with quinoa soup, llapingachos (potato and cheese patties), andean corn, fava and hominy beans, salad, and fresh fruit juice.

Course Features

  • Duration: 10-15 days (click here for a personalized course)

  • Maximum group size: 12 students (3 instructors)

  • Minimum group size: 4 students (2 instructors)

  • Minimum age: 15

  • Water conditions: estuaries, surf waves, river deltas, open ocean

  • Previous experience required: None