rock climbing ecuador tour

Unique rock formations in deep valleys overlooking glaciated volcanoes will be the perfect classroom to learn all the necessary rock climbing skills. We will depart from our headquarters and arrive after a short drive to different rock climbing destinations. We will start by learning basic safety procedures and then move on to different climbing techniques, rope handling and vertical rescue maneuvers. Throughout the course we will experiment with different climbing areas and rock types, practice our new skills, and work towards more complex and dynamic rock climbing progressions. In certain climbing spots, we will spend a couple of nights sharing with the local communities and might even have a chance to work with them on their agricultural tasks and take care of their farm animals. We might also be able to take the local kids rock climbing with us! Once back at our headquarters, we will clean all the gear and have a graduation ceremony with typical Ecuadorian "“fritada” (deep fried pork treat), combined with quinoa soup, llapingachos (potato and cheese patties), andean corn, fava and hominy beans, salad and fresh fruit juice.

Course Features

  • Duration: 10 - 15 days (click here for a personalized course)

  • Route length: Route dependent, most of the transportation will be by car

  • Terrain: Volcanic formations, high Andean tundra

  • Maximum group size: 12 students (3 instructors)

  • Minimum group size: 4 students (2 instructors)

  • Minimum age: 15

  • Previous experience required: None