We are an adventure based school in Ecuador that makes nature our classroom, designing practical and pedagogical curriculum for our students to gain valuable experiences applicable to their daily lives. Our purpose is for our students to nourish their connection with and understanding of the natural world and through these experiences to build a healthier and more connected relationship with our planet.




At Kingue we create learning processes through adventure, nature and the sustainability of natural systems.


Kingue strives to be the leader in outdoor experiential education by setting the standards for sustainable processes and being inclusive with the community around us. Our activities will have a positive impact at a social, environmental and personal level.

Our Values

Excellence, Sustainability, Community, Innovation

Kingue seeks to promote the change we want to see in the world by showing that alternative and efficient systems can become a reality. We are committed to the “Leave Good Trace” principle by breaking the status quo, striving for excellence in environmental stewardship and life in the outdoors through processes that have a positive impact on the environment.

My first time touching snow, happened to be in a 18,996 ft tall active volcano called Cayambe in Ecuador. To do so, I looked over many mountain guides because experience and knowledge about the place is needed. At Kingue, the instructors made me feel super safe! When we got to the crater I felt held by this massive living being Cayambe. I can not wait for our next summit with this guys! Highly recommended
— E. G. (Andes mountaineering student)